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Professional Mouse Control and Extermination in Your Local Area

Mice and Rats Control ServiceMany homeowners think mice are fairly harmless when compared to rats, but mice are much more common and can cause a lot more damage. They breed so quickly that a small infestation can turn into a severe invasion in a short period of time. Thus, dealing with your mouse problems is with highest priority:

  • Mice contaminate food and other materials through the droppings they leave behind
  • They can cause waste and spread bacteria that can lead to food poisoning and other illnesses
  • Mice are unsanitary, multiply quickly and do damage to your home and furniture

Because of the potential health issues and having to repair or replace ruined clothing, furniture and walls, it’s highly recommended to take care of your mouse problems by calling a professional mice exterminator. We cover all ZIP codes in Elmhurst, Addison, Lombard, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Hinsdale, Westchester and Oak Brook.

No More Rats Here, No More Rats There, No More Rats Everywhere

If there are rats in your home, treat them immediately as a serious pest problem. They can cause damage to wiring, can chew through floor joists, walls and insulation. The roof rats are the ones most likely to be found around or inside your house. As the name implies, they often live in high areas, as they have the ability to climb and use various methods to travel through a neighborhood, including overhead utility lines or fences. They can also nest in the trees, bushes or the attic of your home.

Rats are nocturnal and usually hide from humans. Here are some of the signs that can indicate their presence in your property:

  • Scratching noises in the walls or under the floor
  • Rat droppings and debris from chewing
  • Ripped food packaging
  • Nests and burrows – in warm and hidden places

Protect Your Property From Future Mice and Rats Invasions

Seeking both food and shelter, mice, rats and other rodents tend to migrate indoors when it’s cold outside. And when they do, the can easily cause havoc with your health and house. That’s where we come in – to keep them out! We set traps in basements, around perimeters and inside the house. All products we use are safe for your kids and pets, and very effective against these little critters.

Also, we go one step further with our mouse and rat control service. We make sure your home is protected from any future rodent invasions. We walk the entire perimeter of your house to locate existing and potential entry points. We point crevices in mortar, brick, wood, siding and foundations and seal or block them with expanding foam, wire tool or sealant.

  • Renita Nilsson, Addison IL
    We had a great experience with these guys. A month ago I noticed some rat droppings in the attic and called “Be Safe” immediately. Being professional and highly responsive, they did a survey on the exterior, interior and possible open access points to the house. All was fixed quickly and a few weeks later there’s no sign of any ...
  • Jean Gardner, Elmhurst IL
    I’ve found a suspicious dead bug on the bed. Quickly booked a same day appointment with Be Safe to come and inspect the whole house. I had to take a day off work but it was worth it. The team came on time and promptly got down to business. Thankfully they couldn’t find any evidence of bed bug ...
  • Helen Scott, Melrose Park IL
    Excellent service all around. We had a mole issue in our backyard garden. After failed home remedy attempts I contacted this local pest control company. They were very helpful, patient and reasonable throughout the whole process. They used traps and baits to capture the moles and definitely were worth the expenses. Good job guys!
  • Mary Madsen, Franklin Park IL
    Turns out just because you don’t have pets, you can still have a flea problem. Our neighbors gassed their house and forced fleas into our yard. So we decided to give this company a try. They inspected the perimeter, pointed out the problem areas and treated them. So happy with their work, highly effective!
  • Irene Cooper, Lombard IL
    My husband contacted BeSafe after many attempts and stings trying to remove an underground yellow jacket wasp nest that was in our direct path to the front door. Able to schedule for the same day and take care of the problem. Highly recommended when you have wasp nest problems to solve ;-)