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We Have Scientific Solutions For Your Garden Mole Problems

Garden Mole Extermination ServiceGarden moles are solitary and burrowing animals that prefer to stay underground for extended periods of time. They are not classified as rodents and generally feed on ants, grubs and earthworms.

Moles don’t eat plant roots or bulbs, but their tunnels can disturb plant growth. And because of all the tunneling, it doesn’t take long for a mole to destroy your lawn with ugly burrows and molehills.

It’s always a good idea to get help from a wildlife animal control professional when you want to remove moles from your garden, lawn or backyard, because it can be really difficult to determine which tunnels are already inactive. Our garden mole removal service focuses on exclusion – to ensure the moles won’t return. The entire process is based on a scientific understanding of the garden mole habitat and behavior. We cover all ZIP codes in Elmhurst, Addison, Lombard, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Hinsdale, Westchester and Oak Brook.

Usual Signs of Mole Activity in Your Garden, Lawn and Backyard

There are two kinds of surface activity that can help you identify a garden mole problem. A mound or series of mounds of fluffy dirt and tunneling an inch under the surface of the lawn, groundcover or dirt. The mounds are round, conical and symmetrical, looking like a volcano. Can vary in size from 3 to 24 inches wide.

Usually you will find garden mole activity in lawns and under water emitters because insects are drawn to moisture. Lawns are moist and fertile, full of earthworms, beetles, grubs and larvae. As the mole searches for food, it creates an extensive network of surface feeding tunnels. However, most of these tunnels are used at irregular intervals and are not the optimal place to set traps.

Humane Trapping, Treatment and Removal of Garden Moles

Because moles live outdoors and burrow in the soil, there is no permanent way to get rid of them and seal them out for good. Especially of you are trying to solve the problem on your own with garden mole repellents that do only a short-term job.

Mole control and removal should only be attempted by professionals who understand the behavior of this underground animal. Our wildlife control solution starts with an aggressive mole trapping program. It’s necessary, it’s effective, it’s humane and most importantly, it doesn’t put deadly poisons in your garden. Call (331) 431-6614 now to get free and no-obligation price estimates.

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    Excellent service all around. We had a mole issue in our backyard garden. After failed home remedy attempts I contacted this local pest control company. They were very helpful, patient and reasonable throughout the whole process. They used traps and baits to capture the moles and definitely were worth the expenses. Good job guys!
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