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Proactive Pest Control Inspection and Extermination Programs

Mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches and other household pests are more than a simple annoyance. They can damage structures, harm environment, transmit diseases and cause other health issues. Call (331) 431-6614 now to protect your family and home:

  • Proactive Pest Control Inspection: All visits include a detailed assessment of your house for recent pest activity, structural and environmental damages
  • Advanced Pest Treatment Program: Our certified pest control technicians select the most appropriate treatment for your specific pests, safe for your family and pets
  • Consultation, Education and Communication: We discuss with you all findings and any recommendations we might have for enhanced pest control and protection between services
  • Emergency Pest Extermination Response: We try to resolve all pest issues you might have on the same day to ensure a better experience for you and complete satisfaction of our services

Best Practices For Effective Resolution of Your Pest Problems

Our main goal is to provide eco-friendly, efficient and responsible pest prevention and extermination. We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the recommendations of both the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Our pest control solutions are grounded in the knowledge of specific pests, their identification, assessment of infestation severity and treatment with the proper non-chemical methods or pesticides. Our technicians explain in detail all recommendations on how to maintain a pest-free property through elimination of entry points and harborage sites.

After a thorough inspection and evaluation, we perform the necessary treatment to exterminate the target pest. Once the infestation is gone, we focus on the perimeter of your house to keep the pests from entering your home again. For some of the most annoying pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas and mice we recommend a quarterly service to monitor and maintain their population levels.

We Are Your Local Pest Control Company

All our pest control services are performed by professional, certified and experienced pest exterminators. They start with full property inspection to determine the level of infestation, entry points and proper pest removal techniques. Our services are not hourly based. We leave your property once the job is finished.

Call (331) 431-6614 now to book a guaranteed service and get 2 follow-up visits for free within a 3 months period after the initial treatment. Or ask for our special deals if you are a return client. We cover all ZIP codes in Elmhurst, Addison, Lombard, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Hinsdale, Westchester and Oak Brook.

  • Helen Scott, Melrose Park IL
    Excellent service all around. We had a mole issue in our backyard garden. After failed home remedy attempts I contacted this local pest control company. They were very helpful, patient and reasonable throughout the whole process. They used traps and baits to capture the moles and definitely were worth the expenses. Good job guys!
  • Irene Cooper, Lombard IL
    My husband contacted BeSafe after many attempts and stings trying to remove an underground yellow jacket wasp nest that was in our direct path to the front door. Able to schedule for the same day and take care of the problem. Highly recommended when you have wasp nest problems to solve ;-)
  • Renita Nilsson, Addison IL
    We had a great experience with these guys. A month ago I noticed some rat droppings in the attic and called “Be Safe” immediately. Being professional and highly responsive, they did a survey on the exterior, interior and possible open access points to the house. All was fixed quickly and a few weeks later there’s no sign of any ...
  • Jean Gardner, Elmhurst IL
    I’ve found a suspicious dead bug on the bed. Quickly booked a same day appointment with Be Safe to come and inspect the whole house. I had to take a day off work but it was worth it. The team came on time and promptly got down to business. Thankfully they couldn’t find any evidence of bed bug ...
  • Mary Madsen, Franklin Park IL
    Turns out just because you don’t have pets, you can still have a flea problem. Our neighbors gassed their house and forced fleas into our yard. So we decided to give this company a try. They inspected the perimeter, pointed out the problem areas and treated them. So happy with their work, highly effective!